Our Guide to Choosing Anniversary Jewellery

Wedding Anniversary

Choosing anniversary jewellery for that special occasion can be quite daunting, but we’re here to help.

Marriage is a huge milestone in your life, (some may even see it as an achievement).

Being married has its rewards, I mean, who but a spouse would wash the dishes, do the laundry and make dinner?

For all the chores, shared memories, but most importantly just to say “I love you”, treat them to the perfect anniversary gift.


1st Anniversary – Paper

Katie Loxton Greeting Cards

Katie Loxton greetings cards


After your first year of marriage, you may find you’re still in the honeymoon stage.

Paper is traditionally known to be the gift of your first year, so why not write a heartwarming message with a KATIE LOXTON greeting card.


2nd Anniversary – Cotton

Katie Loxton 'Happily Ever After' Scarf

Katie Loxton ‘Happily Ever After’ scarf


Cotton represents two years of marriage.

You can choose from a selection of different scarves in different colours and patterns from our KATIE LOXTON range, right here.


3rd  Anniversary – Leather

Les Georgettes Bangle with Leather Insert

Les Georgettes bangle with leather insert


Three years of marriage is celebrated with Leather.

Keeping up with modern style, LES GEORGETTES has incorporated leather inserts with their interchangeable bangles. These allow the wearer to switch up their style as they have different colours and patterns on either side.


4th Anniversary – Linen

Katie Loxton 'Champagne!' Perfect Pouch Clutch Bag

Katie Loxton ‘Champagne!’ Perfect Pouch Clutch Bag


Unfortunately, we don’t stock anything that includes the 4th year gift of Linen.

However, who doesn’t love a new clutch bag! Take a look at the Perfect Pouches from KATIE LOXTON, just here.


5th Anniversary – Wood

Hot Diamonds Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

Hot Diamonds Tree of Life pendant necklace


You’ve now reached half a decade, and to celebrate the 5th year the gift is Wood.

Show your loved one how much they mean with a tree of life item.

We stock different designs and styles from brands such as HOT DIAMONDS, charms featuring all things nature by NOMINATION, and wondrous designs from our own NUMBER 39 collection.


6th Anniversary – Iron

NOMINATION Black Trendsetter Bracelet With Anchor Detail

NOMINATION Black Trendsetter Bracelet with anchor detail


Well, 6 years into your marriage and you celebrate with Iron.

An iron or an ironing board might not make the cut as a gift, but we do have a more pleasant alternative.

Check out the Trendsetter Bracelets bracelets from NOMINATION. They are made from hard-wearing stainless steel and suitable for everyone. A perfect gift to mark this milestone.


7th & 8th Anniversary – Copper and Bronze

Links of London Amulet Rose Gold Charm Cuff Bangle

Links of London Amulet rose gold charm cuff bangle


As seven and eight years of marriage is very similar, with Cooper and Bronze respectively, why not combine both anniversaries into one amazing gift from LINKS OF LONDON.

Take a look at their fabulous collection here.


9th Anniversary – Pottery or China

One more year left and you’ve reached a full decade of married life!

Unfortunately, we do not stock anything made from either Pottery or China, but, you could always treat them to a fancy dinner service…

Or maybe save up for something amazing to celebrate 10 years? That might be best.


10th Anniversary – Tin

Scribble Engravable Silver Heart Pendant

Scribble Engravable Silver Heart Pendant


Tin is known traditionally to be celebrated to mark ten years of marriage.

Which in our eyes, doesn’t seem right.

We’ve chosen something a little more modern and sentimental.

Take a look at the sterling silver engravable collection from SCRIBBLE.



11th Anniversary – Steel

NOMINATION Classic Steel Starter Base Bracelet

NOMINATION Classic Steel Starter Base Bracelet


To mark eleven years of marriage, your traditional material is Steel.

Have a look at the Composable collection from NOMINATION where you can create and put together a completely unique and personal bracelet is designed by you.



12th Anniversary – Silk or Fine Linen


SCRIBBLE engravable silver and grey silk bracelet


Silk is known to be very strong, soft and luxurious.

Take a look at our own SCRIBBLE engravable collection, perfect for that sentimental personalised gift.


13th Anniversary – Lace

Grace & Co Lace Silver Filigree Drop Earrings

Grace & Co Lace Silver Filigree Drop Earrings


Thirteen is known to be unlucky, we beg to differ.

To mark your anniversary who wouldn’t be lucky to receive these beautiful sterling silver LACE designed earrings from our Grace & Co collection.


14th & 15th Anniversary – Ivory and Crystal

Vivienne Westwood Silver CZ With Ivory Background Earrings

Vivienne Westwood rhodium and CZ studs with ivory mother of pearl


After fourteen and fifteen years of marriage, you may want to combine these anniversaries to create and special gift that will keep forever.

Take a look at the VIVIENNE WESTWOOD collection of jewellery for those Ivory and Crystal years.



25th Anniversary – Silver

Hot Diamonds Heart Locket Pendant

Hot Diamonds Heart Locket Pendant

Silver is traditionally chosen for this wedding milestone because of its radiance and brilliance. But you could choose from other alternatives such as green Garnet and Tsavorite gemstones.

We stock over 15 top brands from all over the world that create silver-based jewellery.

These include HOT DIAMONDS, the silver-plated Spanish wonders UNOde50, Swedish delights by SIF JAKOBS, and the great British LINKS OF LONDON.


30th Anniversary – Pearl

Links of London Silver and Pearl Bracelet

Links of London Silver and Pearl Bracelet


Pearls are known for their beauty, being rejuvenating and pure. The amazing process of a pearl starts from the bottom of the ocean inside an oyster shell.

In time a hidden treasure is then produced.

Traditionally, after 3 decades of marriage, the Pearl signifies hidden beauty in your relationship which comes from maturity within.


40th Anniversary – Ruby

Coeur de Lion Ruby Crystal Bangle

Coeur de Lion Ruby Crystal Bangle


After 40 years together you may both agree that you deserve a medal!

Undoubtedly, it definitely causes for something special, and a Ruby piece of jewellery certainly shouts that. Did you know? A ruby is the stone of passion and love.

Check out our Ruby collections from brands such as masters of sparkle SWAROVSKI or the lavish MICHAEL KORS.


45th Anniversary – Sapphire

Grace & Co HOPE Sapphire and Silver Earrings

Grace & Co HOPE Sapphire and Silver Earrings


The Sapphire is pretty much the legend of the gemstones.

Old wives’ tales say that, as love begins to fade for the wearer, the stone will transition from dark blue to green.

As it is considered to be the gem of royalty, sapphire is the perfect gift for any King or Queen.

Take a look at our brands which include Sapphire stones, such as, HOPE, SWAROVSKI, and NOMINATION.


50th Anniversary – Gold

Grace & Co LOVE 9ct Yellow Gold Interlocking Hoops Necklace

Grace & Co LOVE 9ct Yellow Gold Interlocking Hoops Necklace


Half a century of marriage is an amazing milestone, which is perfect to give the gift of Gold.

You can opt for white or yellow gold, but surely you’d like to create something a little more unique?

Based at our Hinckley branch is our professional Goldsmith – read more.

Check out our very own LOVE collection of fine jewellery, just here.


55th Anniversary – Emerald

Grace & Co HOPE Silver CZ with Green Emerald Teardrop Earrings

Grace & Co HOPE Silver CZ with Green Emerald Teardrop Earrings


Emerald symbolises the anniversary of 55 years of marriage.

It’s said that if the wearer is unfaithful, the green emerald will change colour as the stone resembles devotion and adoration.

Brands that include Emerald are our ANAIS and QUDO to name but a few.

60th Anniversary – Diamond

Grace & Co LOVE 1.5ct Brilliant Cut Diamonds Earrings in 9ct White Gold

Grace & Co LOVE 1.5ct Brilliant Cut Diamonds Earrings in 9ct White Gold


If you’re nearing to this point, or even reached it already, congratulations!

Your love and dedication are completely pure and genuine which is apt for the gift of a Diamond. The word diamond in Greek translates to unconquerable.

See all of our Diamonds at your nearest Grace & Co store or online.


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