A new look for NOMINATION Italy

A new look for NOMINATION Italy

On Monday 9th September NOMINATION Italy will unveil their new look. A look which has been kept completely under wraps.

Why you ask?

NOMINATION wanted to surprise everyone with the stylish makeover. Go big or go home, as they say. And NOMINATION wanted to go big.

The changes

First of all, you may notice the colour change from the iconic pink to chic, stylish and modern monochrome palette.

The reason is that NOMINATION want to make people aware that the composable collection is the perfect bracelet for everyone, not just women.

  • Any age can wear them. The wearer can choose how to style and design it, using their creative side to make their bracelet completely personal.
  • Any gender can wear them. Our customers include dads, mums, grandfathers, and granddaughters. There really is something for everyone.
  • You are the one in charge. There are no guidelines, no rules; NOMINATION simply want you to BE YOU.

Antonio Gensini, whose family invented NOMINATION, worked closely with Giovanni Bianco, VOGUE Italia magazine’s creative director, on the relaunch.

Giovanni is famous world-wide and has worked with top fashion designer brands such as Fenty by Rhianna, Versace, Dior and Dolce & Gabbana.

You will notice this hashtag popping up:


#oneformeoneforyou means exactly what it says.

The charms are about fun – treat yourself and treat someone important to you at the same time. It’s about sharing and building relationships and bonds.

For example, in the rose gold collection, you’ll find iconic love knots with heartfelt meanings behind them.

They symbolise a very special unbreakable bond. Take a look here.

New collection for Autumn/Winter 2019

You might be wondering if any new charms are being added as part of the rebrand?

Indeed they are

Brand new charms are being added to the classic gold, rose gold and silvershine collections.

Unfortunately, these are not available in stores and online just yet.

However, we can give you a hint…

” It’s out of this world “

So watch this #SPACE

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