Can I Wear My Jewellery In The Sun?

You can wear jewellery in the sun.

Not only can you wear it in the sun, but also nothing looks better than a sun-kissed skin, a summer outfit and some lovely silver jewellery.

At the same time, jewellery is precious and fragile and can be affected by many things. These include perfume, chemicals, heat and pollution.

However, if you follow these simple steps you can wear your jewellery in the sun and it will also help your beautiful jewellery last.

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Remember that silver tarnishes over time. This is a natural process. You can help prevent tarnishing by:

  • The first thing to remember is never wear your jewellery in a hot tub
  • Remember to remove jewellery when you shower, swim, garden, do the housework and do sport.
  • Do not spray perfume or applying sun creams directly onto your jewellery.
  • Equally important is to make sure that your jewellery is the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off at night.
  • In conclusion, you can wear your jewellery in the sun. Although avoid wearing your jewellery in very hot temperatures.
Don’t let your precious jewellery get tarnished and damaged


Just by placing your jewellery in the wrong place can make your jewellery age much quicker.

  • Jewellery boxes are ideal.
  • Do not store your jewellery in the open air. Instead, keep each item in a pouch in a jewellery box. This will slow down the tarnishing, but will also ensure that things don’t get scratched or tangled.
Does your jewellery box look like this?


If you give your jewellery a simple regular clean with a cloth that is all it takes. The key is little and often. In reality, we don’t clean our jewellery as often as we should.

  • Clean silver with a soft, lint-free cloth or a silver cloth. Most jewellers sell silver cloths – including us.
  • You can wipe semi-precious and precious stones with a clean, soft, damp cloth after wearing.
  • If you use anything other than a soft cloth you may cause scratching.

Finally, you don’t have to take our word from it. Here is some advice from the National Association of Jewellers

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