December’s birthstone is turquoise. A vibrant and mystical stone.

December’s birthstone is turquoise. It is a vibrant, bright blue stone which is probably the most mystical and spiritual of all the birthstones.

This Nomination charm has December birthstone turquoise detail

Many people think turquoise will provide your soul with immortality. As a result many cultures including America and the Middle East use turquoise in jewellery and ornaments. Turquoise is a swirling mix of blue and green. As it is a natural stone sometimes it is more blue and sometimes more of a jade colour. Real turquoise also has dark marks called inclusions which look like little veins running through the stone.

December’s birthstone turquoise is linked to calmness, peace, patience, intuition, and loyalty. Ancient peoples used it to connect to their dead ancestors. They also thought it would protect them from evil spirits and ghosts. Turquoise is believed to connect the wearer to the spirit world and so it is often worn by mediums and psychics to help them in their quest.

This Thomas Sabo Hand of Fatima bracelet has December birthstone turquoise detail

The word turquoise translates as “Turkish Stone” as turquoise used to come from Turkey. This has changed and Iran and America now provide the world’s best turquoise. It is an ancient stone and one of the first to be mined and made into jewellery.

Turquoise is very fragile and quite rare so most turquoise that you can buy has been treated. This is called stabilised turquoise. This means that the stone has been treated to make it stronger so it can be used in jewellery.

Sarah Jessica Parker is a huge fan of turquoise jewellery

Some turquoise is enhanced to make the colour more vibrant. If you are buying cheaper jewellery then the turquoise is probably reconstituted. This is so it will be harder-wearing but is still good quality turqoise

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