Fascinating facts about the world of jewellery – All That Glitters –

All That Glitters is the BBC’s new talent show which gives us an insight into the wonderful world of jewellery.

If you fancy a behind the scenes view of how jewellery is made, then this is the show for you.

Did you know how some of your day to day items were made? We didn’t, and it really is fascinating.

Who will win?

We would put our money on https://www.danielmusselwhite.co.uk because his designs are not only contemporary but also very wearable.

If you like Daniel’s flowing designs, you might also like this from Engelsrufer

A rose gold and silver heart chime pendant at only £98
A striking butterfly charm from Thomas Sabo for only £39

We’re enjoying @jewellerlee too. His designs are fabulous and likewise we think he might be the dark horse in the show. Who is your favourite contestant?

Fascinating facts about the world of jewellery – one.

Did you know that most jewellery starts out as sheets of silver which the jeweller has to manipulate? The jeweller cuts out pieces of silver to get the desired design effect and stores the offcuts carefully. Most jewellers melt these offcuts together to make more silver. Nothing goes to waste in a jeweller’s workshop.

Fascinating facts about the world of jewellery – two.

Did you realise that bangles started life as a strip of silver which the jeweller has to shape and solder together? It’s amazing to think that a talented goldsmith can turn this simple strip of silver…

… into this in just a few hours but with a lot of skill (and sweat, tears and saw blades).

Clogau silver and Welsh gold Awelon Cuff Bangle

Fascinating facts about the world of jewellery – three.

We have been creating and wearing jewellery for thousands of years. In fact, this is the oldest bangle ever found. It’s 70,000 years old and it’s made from green stone.

Fourth fascinating fact.

Jewellers are very fit. A jeweller spends a lot of time filing, sawing, squatting in awkward positions to check the angles, running to and from different areas of the workshop. Who knew?

Final fascinating fact.

Jewellery can be more than decorative. Jewellery can support you and carry hidden meanings. In addition, jewellery can show the world who you are and what you believe in. Equally important, it can provide medical information in case of an emergency. Also, a sentimental item can make your day better and give you strength. If this has whetted your appetite and you fancy having a bespoke item made or a loved item altered – come and see us . https://www.graceandcojewellery.co.uk/jewellery-services-i16

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