Summer Love for Shrieking Violet Flower Jewellery

Shrieking Violet head gardener in 2018
Shrieking Violet head gardener in 2018

Flower jewellery by SHRIEKING VIOLET is handmade using genuine flowers and sterling silver. Their own wonderful gardens and greenhouses, where the head gardener tends to these tiny flowers, are filled with love and are carefully watered until they reach the perfect size. They are then attentively picked, preserved in a resin and crafted into beautiful unique pieces.

Summer may soon be over, but we are hanging on as long as we can with Shrieking Violet’s lovely, bright jewellery.

Where did the idea of handmade flower jewellery come from?

On a June summer morning at dawn whilst witnessing the rising of the sun after a night dancing away at the Glastonbury Festival. In the Stone Circle field a magical experience occurred whilst spotting a single daisy shining out of the green pastures.

The eureka moment then arose with a light-bulb moment: the capture of perfect natural wonders and placing them as a central focus in jewellery pieces.

Summer Love for Shrieking Violet Flower Jewellery
It all began here

That’s how the people behind SHRIEKING VIOLET found their inspiration. It was a daisy that caught their eye. They wanted to share its perfect shape and colour by turning it into beautiful jewellery.

Sometimes the best ideas do come from strange yet humble beginnings.

SHRIEKING VIOLET currently grow roses, poppies, and forget-me-nots, which are our bestselling, and they also do daisy, heather and sunflower pieces, too.

Their unique flower jewellery pieces consist of matching from pendants, earrings, bracelets, and brooches.

They craft the pieces into classic teardrops and circle shapes, but they also do hearts, rectangles, and butterflies. Even cats, dogs, and elephants!

Our bestselling pieces recently have been the forget-me-not collection as people quickly fall in love with the gentle blue colour.

But we do think that the roses, despite them being wonderful all-year-round, are a perfect gift around February time.

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