How to choose the right Wedding ring for you

♥  How to choose the right wedding ring for you  ♥

You spend hours, days looking for the perfect wedding dress, but you only wear it for one day. You will wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life (hopefully. We believe in Happy Ever After), so you need to understand what styles there are and which one is right for you.

1. First, choose your metal.

Most people match their wedding ring metal to their engagement ring so that the two rings age at the same rate and show similar wear and tear. Different metals age differently and a harder metal will rub away at a softer one.

PLATINUM is a very popular choice as it is hard-wearing, valuable and the colour doesn’t fade. A platinum wedding ring will last you a lifetime.
TITANIUM is a popular choice for the groom as it is strong, lightweight and long-lasting. It is also a cool choice – just ask David Guetta. Titanium is hypo-allergenic so a good choice for the gent who has a reaction to other metals.
YELLOW GOLD rings come in 9, 14, 18 or 22 carat at Grace & Co. Yellow gold is the traditional choice for wedding rings but remember that it is a softer metal which will dent, scratch and suffer from wear and tear.
WHITE GOLD is a cheaper option to platinum, but is much softer and will also show signs of damage from daily life.
ROSE GOLD is currently very fashionable and loved by the royal family – it is a tradition that the royal bride has a Welsh rose gold ring from Clogau which is available from our Hinckley store.
SILVER if you are on a budget, why not choose a silver ring. There are some fantastic designs which look as good as the top end ones. You should realise that silver will tarnish and scratch with time so a silver wedding ring will need replacing.

2. Then choose your shape

A COURT wedding ring is the most popular shape at the moment. Court means that it is round on the inside and round on the outside. It sits comfortably on the finger and is easy to wear – even if you choose a thicker band.

The D-SHAPE is the next most popular option and the most traditional. It is flat on the inside and round on the outside sitting close to the finger and is less likely to snag, while still appearing substantial on the finger. These two profiles do look very similar on, although the D-Shape can look more curved.

• The FLAT ring shape is for those who want a substantial ring which has a chunky look and feel.

• A SHAPED ring has a curve or a V cut out to wrap around the engagement ring. Our goldsmith can work with you to design and craft your perfect shape.

3. Next, choose your width

Generally, larger hands need a wider ring. More petite hands need a narrower one. However, this is up to you. 2-3 mm width is the most popular for brides whilst grooms tend to go for 4-5 mm. Brides also generally match the width of their wedding ring to their engagement ring so they look balanced and are comfortable to wear together.

4. Finally…have a dream wedding and live happily ever after  ♥

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