How To Take The Stress Out Of Buying Watches For Men

How To take the Stress Out Of Buying Watches For Men

Buying watches for men or gifting a man a watch can seem complicated.

About 40 years ago, men only had one watch. But nowadays, most have four, five, maybe even more, to match to their outfit or mood.

Let us help you make it easier to make your next purchase with confidence with this quick guide for buying watches for men.


Why buy a watch?

You probably already have a smartphone or fitness tracker which tells the time ( you’re probably using it right now!) has a stopwatch and date function.

But people still love watches.

You can check the time on your watch when looking at your phone would seem rude.

A watch won’t run out of charge by the end of the day or get lost at the bottom of your bag.

A watch is also a fashion statement and tells people who you are.


Hudson White Steel & Gold Watch

What makes a watch tick?

The movement is the mechanism inside a watch and there are 3 main types:

  • Mechanical
  • Quartz
  • Automatic

A watch with a mechanical movement is where you have to wind the watch up.

This takes a lot of workmanship so this tends to be in the very expensive brands.

Quartz movement watches use electricity from a small battery to keep time.

Most high-street watches use quartz movements as they’re extremely accurate. You only need to change the battery every few years.

Automatic movement uses the movement of you.

You own natural movement through the day powers the watch.

Although these may be less accurate by 30 seconds in one week, they tend to be the impressive looking, like these men’s watches by WEIRD APE seen below.

Many watch lovers prefer them in the same way that many car enthusiasts may prefer an old school Saxo VTR to a new Fiat 500.

WEIRD APE Kolt Skeleton White, Silver & Royal Blood Suede Watch

What are Chronograph watches?

You know those watches that have the 3 extra small dials on the side of them?.

These are called ‘chronograph’.

They often include a stopwatch and an alternative time zone.

On the side of the watch you’ll usually find two buttons:

  • the top button starts/stops the chronograph
  • the bottom button resets it

Now that we have smartphones, we don’t really need these chrono gadgets so most people never use them.

But they do look good, though, like this Grand Prix edition HUGO BOSS watch.

HUGO BOSS Grand Prix Black & Tan Watch

What about watch size?

As a general rule, a slimmer wrist should go for a case of between 34-40mm diameter, like this sleek looking BERING watch.


BERING Silver Polished Silver & White Milanese Mesh 39mm Watch


A larger build can go for 40-44mm diameter like this watch from GUESS.


GUESS Silver & Blue Dial Watch


Whilst those who may be bigger still, a case size of 44-46mm may suit better just like this other watch from HUGO BOSS.


HUGO BOSS The Professional Blue Steel & Blue Watch


Watches come in different thicknesses, too.

Some lie flat under a shirt just like the BERING watch above or this tidy-looking CALVIN KLEIN watch below…


CALVIN KLEIN Minimal Men's Dark Grey Mesh Watch


… whilst others are chunkier like the automatic movement WEIRD APE above where they are meant to be seen, or this TOMMY HILFIGER below.

TOMMY HILFIGER Gavin Grey Rose Gold & Steel Mesh Watch


How do I choose what watch to get?

If you know what your style is whether it’s chunky and blingy, or classy and smooth, look at the cost.

Pick a watch that fits your budget and seems worth the price.

  • Go too cheap and it will probably stop working.
  • Go too expensive and you may be afraid to wear it.

And can you read it and tell the time quite easily?

Some displays look good but you can’t actually tell the time.

Is it comfortable, does it fit right or will it give you arm ache as is it too heavy for your wrist?

Bracelet link straps can be easily adjusted whilst leather and fabric straps are trickier.


What to remember when buying a watch.

As with everything, there are a lot of fakes out there.

Be careful if you are buying from a market stall, from abroad, or even online.

Remember, if a deal seems to be too good to be true, it probably is.


What is the easiest way to avoid fakes?

Buy from an authorised retailer, like us.

> Shop Now.


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