How Well Do You Know Your Birth Flower?

We stock the wonderful SHRIEKING VIOLET in our Corby, Grantham and Market Harborough stores. It is sterling silver jewellery set with real flowers.

Did you know that you have a birth flower?

We all know our birthstone, whether it is garnet, amethyst, etc, but what is your birth flower and
what does it mean? Read on…


❁ January is the sweetly fragrant carnation. It symbolises love, fascination, and distinction.

❁ February is the violet, which symbolises faithfulness, wisdom, and hope.

❁ March is the cheerful daffodil, which symbolises rebirth and new beginnings.

❁ April is the delicate sweet pea which symbolises innocence, youth, and purity.

❁ May is the sweet-smelling lily of the valley. It symbolises love, passion, beauty, and perfection.

❁ June is honeysuckle for love, gratitude, and appreciation.

❁ July is the more unusual larkspur, which stands for a strong bond.

❁ August is gladioli. It symbolises a strength of character and moral integrity.

❁ September is the aster which stands for patience and remembrance.

❁ October is the marigold which stands for elegance and devotion.

❁ November is the traditional chrysanthemum. It symbolises love and innocence.

❁ December is, of course, the poinsettia, which symbolises good cheer and success.

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