Top Jewellery Ideas for Your Special Wedding Day

Inspirational pic by Zacke Feller.

After a rollercoaster of a year, this could be the summer of romance as we are allowed to hold weddings again. We have spent lockdown getting ready for that happy ever after with lots of new jewellery ideas for your wedding.

We are romantics at heart and love a good wedding. At Grace & Co we have delicate and feminine collections of jewellery instore, some quirkier looks for those who like to stand out. In addition we have stylish looks for men in steel, titanium and precious metals.

Perfect finishing touches to your look on your special day.

We have jewellery ideas for your wedding in silver or gold, designs with coloured stones or mixed metals and also, for that timeless touch, beautiful diamonds.

Wedding jewellery doesn’t need to break the bank.

Some brides want something that is unique for their wedding day. You can work together with our excellent goldsmith and come up with some bespoke jewellery ideas for your wedding. For example, he can rework an existing item into something new or redo an old-fashioned setting.

Equally imporant is the groom. Most grooms nowadays want to look equally good and also need jewellery ideas for their wedding. We have gold and silver rings for men, plus some nice extras.

Tiffany have just started offering men’s engagement rings. It’s too early to tell if they will catch on or not, but you can read more here

A wedding isn’t just about the bride and groom. It’s also about thank you gifts, bridesmaids and the mothers. We have lots of jewellery ideas for your friends and loved ones to make the day extra special.

Free engraving adds the finishing touch.

The dress is the star of the show, but it’s your jewellery that adds the finishing touch. Moreover, you can wear your jewellery again and again.

Another jewellery idea for your wedding is to choose a non-traditional item. Who said you have to spend £000s? This Pandora ring is only £60, but it looks like a million dollars.

Sometimes the cheaper option is the best option.

Finally, whatever style you choose, we would love to be part of your big day and your happy ever after. If we don’t have your dream style in stock, we will hunt high and low to find it or make it.

If you need any more inspiration for jewellery for the big day, click here

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