July’s birthstone and what it means.

Ruby is July’s birthstone – one of the most desirable gemstones. So, if ruby is your birthstone – lucky you!

July’s birthstone is Ruby, which is one of the most popular jewellery stones.

The name Ruby comes from the Latin word Ruber, meaning ‘red’. As we know, red is the colour of love and passion. We know rubies best for their deep red colour, however they come in a variety of shades. These range from from dark purple to a pale pink.

Like diamonds, we value rubies based on the 4Cs; colour, cut, clarity and carat. Furthermore, people are willing to pay higher prices for the darker and brighter tones. Therefore the colour of a ruby will set its cost.

Did you know that in ancient India, people called ruby the “king of precious stones” for its rarity, beauty, and hardness?

Many people throughout history believe that rubies have magical powers and can predict trouble or danger. In addition, many others believe they can cure swellings. What’s more, Burmese warriors believed rubies made them unbeatable in battle.

In addition to being the July birthstone, we traditionally give rubies for the 40th wedding anniversary. 40 years is definitely something worth celebrating. Rubies represent romance and love, and passion too! These are all qualities that make rubies very worthy of such an amazing milestone. Also, lovers have always given rubies as they believe they are very emotional gemstones, this is why they make such a great gift.

Celebrity Style

Lots of celebrities are major Ruby fans – we can’t blame them!

Mila Kunis wearing a stunning pair of Ruby earrings
Rihanna wearing a show-stopping Ruby and Diamond necklace.

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