October’s birthstone is opal. What is it and what does it mean?

October’s birthstone is opal. Multicoloured, sparkly opal is your birthstone if you are born in October. Lucky you.

Opal is a wonderful gem. It is even better because it represents faithfulness and confidence


People used to wear it to protect them from nightmares and so it was incredibly popular as a talisman in times gone by.

Opals are captivating, and shoot out rainbows of different colours, with the result that they suit most skin tones.

October’s birthstone of opal gives you clear vision, both in terms of physical eyesight, and your mind’s eye. So this is the stone for you if you want to improve your imagination.


For centuries people considered opals to be lucky stones as they are so rare. Many people believed they had magical properties so they were highly prized gemstones.

O;als became unpopular when Sir Walter Scott published his 1829 novel, Anne of Geierstein. In the story, Lady Hermione wears an opal in her hair. A few drops of holy water fall on it so it cracks and loses its colour. Lady Hermione dies. The opal is blamed.


It was such a popular novel at the time and, as a result, people turned against opals. We have forgotten the novel but some people still think of opals as unlucky.

Many celebrities love opals including Heidi Klum, Naomi Watts and Sarah Paulson

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