Power stones and their meanings

What is a power stone and how can they help you?

It is more important than ever that we keep healthy. The NHS is under pressure and, in addition, mental health is a big issue as many of us are struggling with living through a pandemic. Therefore, in times of uncertainty, many of us look for ways to be more mindful.

As a result and to help us to calm anxiety and stress alternative therapies like crystal healing are becoming more and more popular.

Lapis Lazuli Power Stone
Blue Agate Power Stone
Malachite Power Stone

Who uses power stones?

The idea of power stones has been around for centuries. These days celebrities like Adele, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham all use power stones and crystals to help them.

However, it’s not just celebrities. May of you believe in the power of crystals an have asked us for a bit more information on what is a power stone and how can one help them.

How can a power stone help?

The healing benefits of crystals are believed to be mostly mental. Many people think that they help positivity and focus and reduce feelings of negativity and stress.

What is a power stone and how can they help?

A power stone is something that works in harmony with nature. For example, they give off energy which will can help to have a positive effect on the wearer’s mind and body. Furthermore, different stones and crystals are thought to have different energies.

What are the most popular power stones?

Malachite is a deep greem power stone. It can help by balancing out your mind with the result that it reminds you to enjoy life. Green represents health.

Instinct Volcano Bracelet in Steel with Lava Beads and Malachite Green Stones

Tiger’s Eye is a striped brown power stone. It can also help protect you against negativity so you find balance. Brown stands for fertiltiy.

Stainless Steel Necklace with Brown Tiger Eye Beads, 52cm

Red Jasper is a bright, rich red which lifts your heart and mind. It gives you energy with the result that you can deal with stress better. Furthermore, red represents passion.

Silver and Red Jasper Power Stone Pendant Necklace

Lapis Lazuli is an ancient stone, dark blue flecked with white. It brings wisdom to its wearer. Blue helps you to concentrate

Classic Gold (Oval Lapis Stone) Sparkly Charms

Rose Quartz is the most famous and most propular power stone. It is known as the Love Stone as it removes negative energy and replaces it with feelings of love. In addition, pink is the colour of romance.

Pink Rose Quartz Charm Bracelet, Size: 17.5cm

Blue agate is a lovely light blue. It helps cope with the stresses of modern life. Light blue and turquoise represent self confidence.

Silver and Blue Agate Power Stone Pendant Necklace

If you want to know more about power stones and crystals and what they can do, Emma Lucy Knowles is one of the most well known users of crystals and power stones. You can find out more here on her Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/your_emmalucy/?hl=en

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