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It sounds strange but a family business selling ice creams inspired Paolo Gensini to design NOMINATION.

Paolo Gensini’s great idea!

Did you know NOMINATION has been around for over 30 years now?

Back in the ’80s, Paolo Gensini had an idea…

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Rich or poor, old or young, everyone enjoys ice cream, right?

He wanted to design jewellery that everyone could enjoy.

Jewellery that was fun, tempting and affordable. He had the idea of composable jewellery that you could build up and add to – much as you can add a flake, sauce, nuts etc to ice cream.

Nomination Ice Cream Charm
Nomination Gold Ice Cream Composable Charm

NOMINATION Italy has come a long way in the past 30 years, constantly keeping it fresh by introducing different colours, styles and even personalised engravable links.

Strength and durability of the composable bracelet

The bracelet itself is made entirely from stainless steel, which as you may already know is a very hard-wearing and durable metal.

With no fiddly clasp fastening the stretchable links simply pull apart to fit over any wrist size.

Each link charm is made with special materials such as 18ct yellow gold, 9ct rose gold and sterling silver.

You can also find charms that have coloured enamel and gemstones incorporated into them.

What about other collections?

Did you know that the Composable collection isn’t the only range that NOMINATION provide?

Other jewellery collections have been created from the global success of the iconic composable collection.

Such as Trendsetter, Sei Mia, Unica, Luna, and the massively popular composable watches. All of which can be found on our Grace & Co website.

Take a closer look at your local Grace & Co store, alternatively here.

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