Top Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Jewellery To Make It Last

How to take care of your jewellery

We had a very glum customer in recently who had worn her much loved bracelet every day, on her two-week honeymoon (The Bahamas. She had a lovely time).

  • She had worn it in the hot tub.
    The harsh hot tub chemicals and hot jets had completely discoloured it and damaged the enamel.
  • She had worn it in the hotel swimming pool.
    Chlorine is a corrosive chemical which is not good for gold or silver.
  • She had worn it at the beach.
    Sand is abrasive, so wearing your silver bracelet at the beach is like rubbing it with sandpaper.
  • She had worn it in the sea.
    Salt air can have a negative effect on jewellery – especially rose gold jewellery which contains copper.
  • She had worn it to sunbathe.
    Suntan cream can also cause a chemical reaction with skin which will cause silver to tarnish.

Wearing jewellery on holiday

We managed to bring her bracelet back to life, but most of us are guilty of having some dull, tarnished jewellery and not doing anything about it.

Here are some quick tips to keep the shine in your silver.

Silver jewellery ages, and that is part of its charm. However, tarnish is not welcome.

How do you get rid of tarnish and what causes it?

♦ Tarnish is the result of a chemical reaction. It can be caused by things like wearing your jewellery in unsuitable places (see above). It can also be caused by air which contains elements which react with silver. Remove tarnish quickly and easily
♦ The best and easiest way is to wear it as the oils in the skin can help to clean the jewellery.
♦ The next best way is to buy a polishing cloth and gently rub the tarnish off.
♦ You can use water and mild detergent on a toothbrush for hard-to-get-to tarnish; pat dry and leave somewhere warm to dry completely.
♦ If your silver is heavily tarnished and does not have gemstones then you can try a silver dip but make sure you rinse it off properly with cold water, pat dry and leave somewhere warm to dry completely.

Be gentle. Too much enthusiasm and rubbing may not be a good thing!

Connoisseurs jewellery cleaning products

Now that your jewellery is clean, let’s keep it that way.

♦ Don’t keep your jewellery in the bathroom as humidity speeds up tarnishing.
♦ Keep your jewellery in a fabric-lined jewellery box or pouch.
♦ Put your jewellery on last, after you have put on hairspray, body lotion, and perfume.
♦ Take it off before you go swimming, to the gym (sweat can cause tarnishing) or jump in the hot tub. But enjoy it. Jewellery should be treasured and worn. Like everything, it just needs a little love.

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