This the story of UNOde50

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UNOde50 will change all your beliefs about jewellery. Try to imagine something new which gives a different point of view. Limitless. This is the story of UNOde50.

UNOde50 jewellery is a famous, high-end Spanish jewellery and accessories brand.

What does Uno de 50 mean?

The company was founded in the 1990s by a group of artistic and rebellious designers led by José Azulay with the idea to make 50 units of each design.

Hence the name – one from 50.

They started a revolution using traditional jewellery techniques and processes to do things in a new way. Combining the old and the new. Jose wanted silver jewellery but he wanted it with personality and quirks

Their statement jewellery is for non-conventional people, those who want something different. The chunky costume jewellery is designed like a piece of art, with lots of personality and style. These quirky, original and timeless creations are designed and hand made in Spain.

Buy a piece of UNOde50 and you will love it and wear it for a lifetime

UNOde50 still makes all of its pieces using traditional methods and treats each piece as it if was one-of-a-kind. They love their work, and it shows.

When you buy UNOde50 your piece will be individual. No other piece will have the quirks and kinks and individuality that yours has.

How refreshing.

Grace & Co are authorised UK stockist of UNOde50, and all items sold are presented with an authenticity card, sustainable pouch and a gift bag.

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