We now have Ear Piercing available at Grace & Co Ashby

Did you know we now offer ear piercing in our Ashby store? Now you do!

The Inverness System

At Grace & Co, we use the Inverness Piercing System. Established in 1974, Inverness designed a unique, medically hygienic instrument that pierces ears in three simple steps: Cleanse, Mark, Pierce. The Inverness piercing earrings are sterile and fully encapsulated. They also come with an exclusive Inverness Safety Back to provide you with peace of mind and the gentlest experience possible.

Most people report that they feel no discomfort at all when pierced with the Inverness Piercing System. Here’s why:

  • The hand-pressured instrument is smooth and quiet, unlike loud, spring-loaded piercing guns that “shoot” the earring through the tissue.
  • The system attaches the exclusive Safety Back in a quick, smooth motion.
  • The piercing earrings are specially designed with a sharp tip and ultra-thin posts which helps the earring glide straight through the lobe. However, the safety back completely covers the sharp tip for your protection. As a result, there aren’t any risks associated with the sharp tip.

Over the past 45 years, over 200 million people have trusted Inverness for safe and gentle piercing!

Video from Inverness website, find it here > https://www.invernesspiercing.co.uk/our-ear-piercing-system/

Your ear piercing and placement

Are you struggling to figure out where to have your next piercing? Not to worry; we can help you! Before your piercing, you will have a consultation with one of our piercing specialists in Ashby who have been trained to examine your ear and position each piercing to suit your ear shape and preferred style.

If you have seen a piercing style you like in a magazine or while you’ve been scrolling through Instagram, bring a picture with you so we can see what you have in mind.

Everyone’s ears are completely different shapes and sizes. Meaning that piercing placement is different for everyone.

For example, if you are looking for a single cartilage piercing, you may be advised that one ear is more suitable.

A very popular style at the moment is called a ‘curated’ piercing. If you’ve ever admired an ear full of bling, then you’ve probably seen a curated ear. It’s a style adorned by celebrities and influencers and is SO in right now. You can use Curated Ears to really show off your personality! Up your jewellery game by pairing large hoops with multiple small earrings. Look to influencer Mollymae for inspo!

Top tip – Don’t overdo it in one day

Different piercings have different heal times. For example, standard lobe piercings take 6 weeks to heal, so you’re all good if you want a few done in one appointment. Although, cartilage takes 12 weeks to heal, so we would advise you not to get too many in one go.

Having clean hands, using the aftercare solution 3x daily, and being careful with your piercing will reduce the risk of infection.

Please remember: Swelling is not a normal result of ear piercing and can lead to infection. If pain or swelling occurs any time later than 24 hours after the piercing, remove the earring and see a GP.

To book an appointment with one of our piercing specialists, call us on 01530 588166 or click the button below.

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