What is your birthstone and what power does it have?

In a national newspaper recently there was an article about birthstones and how much celebrities believe in their power. The Duchess of Sussex has had a new ring made which has the birthstone for herself, her husband and her son (peridot, sapphire and emerald).

This got us thinking;

How many people know what their birthstone is and what it means?

Hopefully, our quick guide will help.

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January is garnet (usually red). It can help with detoxing, tiredness and finding emotional balance.

Feburary is amethyst (usually purple). It can help with anger management, sleepless nights and helping you to cope with change

March is aquamarine (from latin for “sea water”). It promotes healing, calmness and courage.

April is diamond and signifies purity, power and strength. It is one of the most powerful crystals,

May is emerald and can help with fertility and finding closure. It was Cleopatra’s favourite

June has pearl which the ancient Greeks thought were Aphrodite’s (goddess of love) tears. Pearls can help you find peace and balance.

July is ruby and the redder the ruby, the more powerful it is. It can attract wealth and passion to the wearer.

August has peridot which can help you combat depression and jealousy.

September’s sapphire will protect you against evil and help you to achieve your goals.

October has the multicoloured opal which can increase your self esteem and self belief.

November’s citrine offers protection.

December has turquoise for spiritual and physical healing

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