COEUR DE LION celebrates their 30th birthday

COEUR DE LION Celebrate Their 30th Birthday

Award-winning jewellery brand COEUR DE LION celebrate their 30th anniversary in the industry.

15th June is the day where German jewellery designers COEUR DE LION will introduce their forthcoming AW17 collection whilst they celebrate their anniversary at an exclusive party in Stuttgart for their agents and representatives.

Nils and Carola Eckrodt are the husband and wife duo who created this now iconic fashion brand. Carola is the chief designer still to this day and it was she who conceived the timeless geo-cube bracelet after experimenting with industrial car parts and adapting them into jewellery.

The 2014 UK Jewellery Brand of the Year award-winners are now present in over 30 countries, and of course, at Grace & Co.


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