Can I return my item for a refund?

Please refer to our Delivery & Returns Policy.

I have a discount code and it doesn't work.

If you have a discount code from another website, this is not affiliated with us in any way. This is not something we do. We occasionally supplky discount codes to certain customers but we do not market these with other discount or promotional websites.


How do the different ring sizes compare?

Our suppliers use two different methods to size rings - the UK way and the European way. To help you, please see size conversions below:

50 = UK size J and 1/2
52 = UK size L and 1/2
54 = UK size N
56 = UK size O and 1/2
58 = UK size Q

If you wish to have a ring resized, read here.

What is a good gift to buy for an anniversary?

Within the UK it is a custom to present one's partner with a traditional wedding anniversary gift; something that has mainly come to fashion since the 20th century. However, this lovely tradition can trace its origins back to the Holy Roman Empire, where husbands would present their wives with a silver wreath on their 25th wedding anniversary, or a gold wreath on their 50th. During the 21st century, a silver wreath would be a little odd, so, we have compiled a list of the more modern anniversary gifts.

We challenge you to be creative and let us find a suitable jewellery item to represent your celebration; perhaps a better way to say, 'I love you', than a new ironing board. 


1 - Paper

2 - Cotton

3 - Leather

4 - Fruit or Flowers

5 - Wood

6 - Iron

7 - Pottery

8 - Bronze

9 - Copper

10 - Tin

15 - Crystal

20 - China

25 - Silver

30 - Pearl

35 - Jade / Coral

40 - Ruby

45 - Sapphire

50 - Gold

55 - Emerald

60 - Diamond

65 - Blue Sapphire

70 - Platinum

Which dates do the Zodiac signs relate to?

Aquarius   22 January – 21 February
Pisces   22 February – 21 March
Aries   22 March – 20 April
Taurus   21 April – 21 May
Gemini   22 May – 21 June
Cancer   22 June – 22 July
Leo   23 July – 22 August
Virgo   23 August – 22 September
Libra   23 September – 23 October
Scorpio   24 October – 21 November
Sagittarius   22 November – 21 December
Capricorn   22 December – 21 January

What are the traditional birthstones for each month?

January  -  Garnet
February  -  Amethyst
March  -  Aquamarine / Blue Topaz
April  -  Diamond / Crystal
May  -  Emerald / Chrysoprase
June  -  Pearl / Moonstone
July  -  Ruby / Carnelian
August  -  Peridot
September  -  Sapphire / Lapis Lazuli
October  -  Pink Opal
November  -  Citrine / Amber
December  - Turquoise

What does ATM mean on a watch?

ATM indicates a watch’s water resistance. We recommend that you always remove your watch before using a sauna, steam bath or hot tub.


Resistance (ATM)

Activities allowed

No rating

Don’t risk getting it wet at all


Washing hands, rain


Showering, washing car






Not recommended

How do I know which necklace length I need?

How do I know which length necklace I need - Grace & Co Jewellery

Can I wear my jewellery all day every day?

No, we don’t recommend keeping your jewellery on all day. You should take it off for housework, gardening or playing sports- especially swimming.

You should also remove it before showering due to soap residue and damage from product used in bathing.

Put your jewellery on after you have applied hairspray and perfume – the chemicals can damage jewellery.

A wise saying; "Your jewellery should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off."

How do I clean my silver jewellery?

The best way to clean jewellery is to use a silver polishing cloth or a soft toothbrush with soapy water. Make sure you dry it properly afterwards. If you keep your jewellery in a sealed bag or pouch in a cool, dark place, it won’t tarnish as quickly as jewellery left open to the air.

Be careful if your jewellery has stones in and clean round the stone.

If you wish for assistance on having your jewellery cleaned, read here.

How do I clean my pearl jewellery?

Pearls need moisture so wear your pearl jewellery to keep it lustrous. Keep your pearls in a soft pouch

If you wish for assistance on having your jewellery cleaned, read here.

How do I fix my jewellery or watch that is broken?

You come to us. read here.