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HOT DIAMONDS UK | Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings

Since 2001, UK jewellery brand HOT DIAMONDS has been offering its customers distinctive designs that come in original shapes and styles, instantly becoming classics. 

From pendant necklaces to stud and drop earrings, to dazzling bracelets, HOT DIAMONDS is one of the world's most magical destinations for someone to get the finishing touch to their look.

With that said, we have HOT DIAMONDS in several locations across the midlands within selected Grace & Co stores. Also, this is in addition to Bonds Jewellers in Northampton being stockists of this wondrous contemporary brand.

 Each item is supplied with official branded packaging and we are proud to have been an Authorised Retailer of HOT DIAMONDS for over a decade, and for many more years to come.


There is no need to refine your search to find the latest HOT DIAMONDS pieces since we have the new arrivals right here and they include the most recent collection released in collaboration with star Jac Jossa.

 We have some stunning new releases available on our website that you should check out. Don't forget to complete the look with matching earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings as well to complete the look.

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Bring your earlobe stack up to date with this fabulous combination of earrings by HOT DIAMONDS which is from all of the collections we have, inclusive of core sellers and the latest pieces.

We're loving their brand-new gold hoops and we'll never fall out of love with their classic sterling silver studs showcasing their single diamonds. Right now, it's time for a bit more 'glamour', to your look.

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HOT DIAMONDS Bracelets & Bangles

These bangles and bracelets by HOT DIAMONDS come in a mix of styles but with adjustable chains and extenders. This ensures that one fabulous piece of wristwear can fit as many wrists as possible.
With these HOT DIAMONDS bracelets and bangles, you can freshen up your wrist-wardrobe. Fashionistas can stack them high and minimalists can wear them alone. No matter what, you get all the credit for your fabulous look.
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HOT DIAMONDS Necklaces & Pendants

These necklaces by HOT DIAMONDS are from all of their collections in one place. Right now, it's all about layering. Everyone's doing it, but it's always an individual thing.

We love to combine delicate designs with statement pieces for a stunning look. Do it your way and create your own, original layering look with a HOT DIAMONDS necklace, and pendant.

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Beautify those fingers with this stylish selection of HOT DIAMONDS rings. Choose from the Classic HD pieces, our range of Emozioni, plus we have the latest array from Jac Jossa where you're sure to find one to match any outfit.

Everyone loves the Jac Jossa selection of 18kt gold plated pieces. However, if you are preferring a more silvery tone, you may just have one or two rings from HOT DIAMONDS to choose from. 

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All HOT DIAMONDS jewellery has a real diamond in it. Everyone knows that and every piece they create can stand the test of time, just as a diamond can.
We have been a supplier of this exquisite UK jewellery brand for many years, so you can be sure that you are receiving the genuine article from an official retailer, such as Grace & Co.
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HD X Jac Jossa Collection

Most people love gold, and so does Jac Jossa She loves the way it looks and the way it makes you feel. Because of this, you might be able to tell from the HOT DIAMOND jewellery pieces she has helped create.

Every item in her HD x Jac Jossa Collection of 18kt yellow gold pieces of plated jewellery looks beautiful when worn individually. However, things get fascinating when the layering starts. There are no rules other than to have fun. 

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EMOZIONI Coin Collection

Let us present to you the EMOZIONI Collection by Hot Diamonds. A jewellery line that allows you to customise any outfit with one coin keeper pendant and your collection of interchangeable locket coins.

Find your Coin Keeper locket, choose which coin you'd like to wear, and then finish it off with your preferred chain. This slides through the top of your keeper to keep it safe inside completing your favourite new set.


What are Hot Diamonds?

HOT DIAMONDS launched in 2001 and quickly became a leading designer jewellery brand. Recognised for their stylish sterling silver jewellery designs which quickly became industry classics, they were made from a unique blend of sterling silver and precious metals with a fine signature diamond included within every item.

The jewellery they create has a timeless and elegant look, making them the perfect special treat or gift for a loved one to cherish for a lifetime. At Hot Diamonds, they plate all of our sterling silver jewellery with rhodium to ensure that their products have the most wear-resistant finish possible.

The diamonds used are all conflict-free, good single-cut stones that are white and of a minimum of 0.0025 carats. Having such precious stones means that everyone has a little piece of something special.