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Hot Diamonds x Jac Jossa

Having a deep love for gold, Jac Jossa made her gold collection by creating a range of affordable jewellery plated with a rich layer of 18kt yellow gold and working alongside the renowned silversmiths, Hot Diamonds. This is one of Jac's favourite things as she loves the way it looks and how it feels. From the jewels she has created from the range we have curated, it is possible to tell that she has had some hand in creating them. Jossa believes that each item in the HD X JJ collection looks beautiful when worn on its own, but she finds that layering is where the real fun begins. So there are no rules when it comes to wearing it. Choose what you like and wear it the way you feel most comfortable. That's how Jac Jossa does it.

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Jac Jossa has teamed up with Hot Diamonds to release a collection which is essentially three mini-collections all rolled into one. One of the key components of these 18k gold-plated pieces is that they are gold, they are attractive, and they not only make you feel luxurious, but they are also very affordable.

There is a sense that 'Embrace' is the kind of concept which ties this collection together. In doing so, it will give you that on-trend look that it's all about layering. The first time you put a statement link chain on is when you are going to be able to see and feel exactly what Jac planned. There are more to it than just the links. It is going to take you no time at all to feel right at home once you put on a delicate choker.

'Hope' has, as its main theme, positive energy, something that Jac Jossa holds very dear to his heart. The fact that there is a sunburst motif woven throughout some of the designs appeals to her. There is a lot of optimism in it and it helps her to think of all the good things that she has going for her. The feather texture of the 'spirit' items within the mini range is also adored by Jac, as they are gorgeous and heavenly. As they do hers, they will always put a smile on your face.

It is the gentleness and organic forms that are an integral part of 'Soul'. 'Soul' is both luxurious and soothing to the touch. The tactile quality of this style has always drawn Jac to it. The pieces featured here were designed to be as stunning as they were comforting. We love them just as much as Jac does. A collection that combines the gentleness of 'Soul' with the optimistic vibes of 'Hope' is what the whole HD x JJ collection is all about - mix it up and have some fun with it That's exactly what this whole HD x JJ Collection is all about.