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June Birthstone Jewellery

Besides the forever-popular pearl, June's birthstones are alexandrite and moonstone. It's also come to represent a happy marriage because pearls represent innocence, purity, and faithfulness. Despite being a gemstone, oysters and mussels make it. Once an oyster encounters a foreign object, it surrounds it in layers of nacre, creating the exquisite pearl. Unlike natural pearls, cultured pearls are created by inserting foreign objects into molluscs by hand. Known for their pearly lustre and iridescent gleam, pearls are the anniversary gemstone for 30 years of marriage. Take a look at our May Birthstone Jewellery.

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Originally deriving from the French word 'perle' meaning 'leg', pearls are shaped like the legs of a mollusc shell, and were once believed to be a symbol of the tears of the gods.