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Wedding Rings for Men and for Women for Everyone



Wedding Rings for Men, for Women, for Everyone

A wedding day is traditionally the best day of your life. You will hopefully wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life so it's important that you love it. Your rings are a sign of your commitment to each other so must be right for you.  We have hundreds of different styles at Grace & Co at very reasonable prices. We can help you find yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum wedding rings, both his and hers.

We know that it can get complicated as there are so many options, follow these steps to end the journey with your desired choice or arrange an appointment in your nearest Grace & Co so we can sit down and have a chat about which profile, material and style is right for you.

 When choosing your wedding ring from us: 


1. Choose Your Profile -
Have a look below and tap which Wedding Ring Profile suits you best.

2. Choose Your Material -
When you land on the selected page, using the filter system we have for you, choose your desired material by refining your selection.

3. Choose Your Width -
Once you have your profile and material selected from the filter system, choose what size of Wedding Ring Width would you like from the selection.

4. Choose Your Finish -
All of our wedding rings can either come in the traditional highly-polished finished, or you can choose to have a satin-brushed effect. Choose your Wedding Ring Finish.


You should be left with your ring of choice. Select that ring and once you have it in front of you, the last choice you have to make is what finger size of ring you desire.

Choose Your Wedding Ring Profile

The profile of a wedding ring is its shape as it goes around your finger. Different people find different shapes more comfortable than others so it is important to us that your cherished wedding ring is comfortable.

After all, we wish for you to be wearing it for the rest of your life.

Our beloved wedding ring profile choices are available here and with each profile there is the choice of whether to have a highly-polished finish or a satin-brushed style. Take a look.

Bombe Court Wedding Rings



Classic Court Wedding Rings



D-Shaped Wedding Rings



Flat Court Wedding Rings



Light Court Wedding Rings



Premium Bombe Court Wedding Rings



Premium Court Wedding Rings



Premium Flat Court Wedding Rings



Choose Your Wedding Ring Metal

Most people match their wedding ring metal to their engagement ring so that the two rings age at the same rate and show similar wear and tear.

Different metals age differently, and a harder metal will rub away at a softer one.

When you find the right material and your choice of wedding band profile, you're half way there as we also have a choice of finishes on top of the choice of ring width you can to choose.
Gold Wedding Rings for Men and for Woman



Rose Gold Wedding Rings for Men and for Woman




White Gold Wedding Rings for Men and for Woman




Platinum Wedding Rings for Men and for Woman




Book An Appointment With Us

You will wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life (hopefully. We believe in Happy Ever After), so you need to understand what styles there are and which one is right for you.

We understand that this kind of purchase can be daunting but we know that you want to get it right.

"Let us help you!".

Tap the button below and you can arrange an appointment with us at your nearest store so we can have a chat about the materials, the shapes, and the finishes to ensure that your wedding ring will be absolutely perfect, just like your big day ahead.


Book An Appointment

If you are after something a little fancy we can arrange to have a diamond or two put into your wedding band.  If you are after something totally unique, our goldsmith can work to your own personal design and make your rings extra special.

And of course, we can make sure that they both match each other as well as we have weddings rings for men, wedding rings for women, we have weddings rings for everyone.