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How To Spot A Fake PANDORA 16/07/2018

How To Spot a Fake PANDORA

We have a few tips to help on how to spot a fake PANDORA charm, bracelet, ring, or necklace. If you have either, get it out and read on.


Find The Perfect Gift at Grace & Co

At Grace & co, we can help you find the perfect gift. As we know, buying gifts for others can often be challenging. Whether it’s birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, or new mum gifts, we have everything to make a loved one smile. Here are some gift ideas for you for each occasion, to take the stress out of shopping: Birthday Gifts Treat that special someone to the perfect gift that is unique to them, with our range of stunning Grace & Co birthstone jewellery. Birthstone jewellery is undoubtedly popular as... Read More


We now have Ear Piercing available at Grace & Co Ashby

Did you know we now offer ear piercing in our Ashby store? Now you do! The Inverness System At Grace & Co, we use the Inverness Piercing System. Established in 1974, Inverness designed a unique, medically hygienic instrument that pierces ears in three simple steps: Cleanse, Mark, Pierce. The Inverness piercing earrings are sterile and fully encapsulated. They also come with an exclusive Inverness Safety Back to provide you with peace of mind and the gentlest experience possible. Most people report that they feel no discomfort at all when pierced... Read More


Make a Jewellery Statement with Maximum Impact

Everyone is getting ready to hug and go out-out again soon. Many of these people haven’t seen you for a year. How do you make a bold jewellery statement with maximum impact? Swarovski’s bold new collection can help. Giovanna Engelbert is from Vogue magazine and is Swarovski’s new Global Creative Director. She is a lady who makes bold statements with her jewellery, with the result that she is making quite an impact. Giovanna’s Instagram page is stylish with colourful images and of bold statements. She comes from a creative and... Read More


What Should I Get My Mum For Mother’s Day?

What should I get my Mum for Mother's Day? As for gift ideas, the best answer is probably a lie-in. That's not something we can help with. But, when it comes to a sentimental gift that your Mum will cherish, that's where we can help with these Mother's Day Gift Ideas.