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Show Them How Much You Care 11/02/2020

The Perfect Gifts for Valentine’s Day

‘ Forget flowers, chocolates, and soft teddies. ‘ Get them the perfect gift they’ve been hinting for. We’ve put together a few TOP presents for him and her this Valentine’s Day along with featured special in-store and online offers. Hot Diamonds Internationally known for their stunning craftsmanship when it comes to fine jewellery. Hot Diamonds started their journey back in 2001, and since then the brand has blossomed by introducing additional collections such as ANAIS and EMOZIONI. Hot Diamonds never fails to have the WOW factor. Each piece contains sterling... Read More

SWAROVSKI 17/12/2019

In Need Of Gift Inspiration This Christmas?

This year we wanted to give our customers an easier shopping experience when it comes to choosing the perfect gifts. So we’ve carefully handpicked 12 of our TOP jewellery brands to help you. 12. UNIQUE & CO NIQUE & CO use hard-wearing materials such as leather, stainless steel, Tungsten, and titanium. Their mission? To enable men of all ages to wear modern versatile jewellery with confidence. 11. Olivia Burton Inspired by floral designs and the wonders of nature, OLIVIA BURTON watches have a quirky edge whilst being delicate. There are... Read More

Smart Shopping This Christmas 05/11/2019

Shop Wise, Shop Local

It’s exactly 50 days today until Christmas Eve! Some may have already finished their shopping, and others haven’t yet started. When buying the perfect gifts, there’s no better satisfaction than to see a loved one’s face light up That’s why we offer gift receipts with each purchase (excluding earrings), to help take the edge off the stress of Christmas gift buying. Smart Shopping There’s nothing worse than ordering that perfect gift idea you’ve seen online, paying for it, and then realising it’s arriving from China in 2020! Don’t get caught... Read More

Our New Beeston Store 24/10/2019

The Opening Of Our New Store This Autumn

October has been a super exciting month for us; Why you ask? Well, other than receiving lots of new collections ready for Christmas. We’ve opened a brand new shiny store located within the heart of Nottinghamshire. Beeston is full of character, in fact, the thriving town is frequently becoming a destination of choice for visitors to the county. That is why Beeston is the perfect location to introduce a completely different market for our potential customers in and around the surrounding area. Fans of jewellery will already be familiar with... Read More

Nomination Italy History 10/10/2019

The History Of NOMINATION Italy

It sounds strange but a family business selling ice creams inspired Paolo Gensini to design NOMINATION. Paolo Gensini’s great idea! Did you know NOMINATION has been around for over 30 years now? Back in the ’80s, Paolo Gensini had an idea… Rich or poor, old or young, everyone enjoys ice cream, right? He wanted to design jewellery that everyone could enjoy. Jewellery that was fun, tempting and affordable. He had the idea of composable jewellery that you could build up and add to – much as you can add a... Read More

Looking Glass Collection 24/09/2019

Why is Welsh Gold so special?

Why is Welsh Gold so special? Well, there are many reasons why. One is that its history reaches as back as 2000 years, and even back then it was considered one of the most precious things in the world. It’s been worn by the Royal Family, which makes it even more desirable. This tradition has endured with Welsh gold rings chosen by their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex to seal their love on 19th May 2018 – their wedding day. Facts about Welsh Gold When mining took... Read More

FB_POST_1200X1200_ENG 09/09/2019

A new look for NOMINATION Italy

A new look for NOMINATION Italy On Monday 9th September NOMINATION Italy will unveil their new look. A look which has been kept completely under wraps. Why you ask? NOMINATION wanted to surprise everyone with the stylish makeover. Go big or go home, as they say. And NOMINATION wanted to go big. The changes First of all, you may notice the colour change from the iconic pink to chic, stylish and modern monochrome palette. The reason is that NOMINATION want to make people aware that the composable collection is the... Read More

Wedding Jewellery Grace & Co 03/09/2019

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Jewellery

  How To Find The Perfect Wedding Jewellery Many of our customers who are shopping for wedding jewellery and accessories have no idea where to start. There is just so much choice. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Traditional Pearls Pearls are perfect, especially if you like a more traditional classic look. We stock a variety of earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces which use pearls. Find your favourite here. Glitz and Glam Many brides dream of being a princess of their wedding day. If you’re after something with... Read More

Katie Loxton Cards 20/08/2019

Our Guide to Choosing Anniversary Jewellery

Choosing anniversary jewellery for that special occasion can be quite daunting, but we’re here to help. Marriage is a huge milestone in your life, (some may even see it as an achievement). Being married has its rewards, I mean, who but a spouse would wash the dishes, do the laundry and make dinner? For all the chores, shared memories, but most importantly just to say “I love you”, treat them to the perfect anniversary gift.   1st Anniversary – Paper   After your first year of marriage, you may find... Read More

nomination-branded-polishing-cloth-for-charms-and-bracelets-p16536-11628_image 06/08/2019

How To Clean Your NOMINATION Bracelet and Charms

How To Clean Your NOMINATION Bracelet and Charms How to clean your NOMINATION Bracelet and Charms. Without a doubt, we all love our jewellery when it sparkles and looks amazing for longer, right? That’s why NOMINATION Italy has provided a special cleaning cloth for your composable bracelet and charms. Inside the nooks and crannies, dirt builds up over time which then creates bacteria, so making sure your bracelet is clean is very important to you and your wellbeing. Here are 4 useful tips on, how to clean your NOMINATION bracelet... Read More