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What does ATM on the back of a watch mean?

If you turn your watch over, you will probably see a number then the letters ATM engraved on it. What does this mean? ATM on the back of a watch stands for ATMOSPHERES. Which is a little odd. 1ATM (or 1 ATMOSPHERE) is the normal atmospheric pressure in day to day life at sea level. Although this isn’t a strong and fast rule. Underwater atmospheric pressure is affected by all sorts of things. Whilst a watch may be 10ATM, it doesn’t mean that you can dive into 90m deep water.... Read More

TOMMY HILFIGER Gavin Grey Rose Gold & Steel Mesh Watch 13/09/2018

How To Take The Stress Out Of Buying Watches For Men

Buying watches for men or gifting a man a watch can seem complicated. About 40 years ago, men only had one watch. But nowadays, most have four, five, maybe even more, to match to their outfit or mood. Let us help you make it easier to make your next purchase with confidence with this quick guide for buying watches for men.   Why buy a watch? You probably already have a smartphone or fitness tracker which tells the time ( you’re probably using it right now!) has a stopwatch and... Read More

Eyal Booker and his bee necklace 01/08/2018

How To Get The On-Trend Love Island Look

Do you fancy grabbing a bit of the Love Island look now that it is over for another year? If so, you may have come to the right place! After many dramas, the villa is now empty. Dani & Jack have headed off into the sunset with talk of weddings and true love. But the one thing we will remember about Love Island 2018, is the fashion. Love it or hate it, Love Island was one of the most talked about events this summer and has had a big effect... Read More

How To Spot A Fake SWAROVSKI 16/07/2018

How To Spot A Fake SWAROVSKI

Nobody wants to buy a fake SWAROVSKI. Spotting one is incredibly difficult. So difficult, that we suggest that you play it safe, and read on. There’s a big market for imitations across the world, and we’ve had loads of customers who have come into our stores with a fake SWAROVSKI item. They’ve bought it online or on holiday at a price which seemed “too good to be true”, and it was. It’s upsetting for them and us because we have to tell them this. They feel cheated because they’re left with a poor... Read More

How To Spot A Fake PANDORA 16/07/2018

How To Spot A Fake PANDORA

When you find a website that offers 50% off on a PANDORA charm or an online site that has hard to find PANDORA items in stock, it can be quite tempting. But as the old saying goes, “if something seems too good to be true, it probably is”. So stop, because they’re probably a fake PANDORA. At Grace & Co we have lost count of the number of customers who have come into our stores with a PANDORA item that they have bought online which has turned out to be fake. It... Read More


Welcome To The New Grace & Co Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website. Also with the new website, there is a new blog which will be updated to let you know about anything new, anything useful, and also, special offers and deals online or in any one of our stores. Our new site has been developed with our customers in mind, and as a result of this, you’ll find it fast, easy to use and more importantly, safe and secure. Our brands haven’t changed much on the Grace & Co website.... Read More