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A new look for NOMINATION Italy

A new look for NOMINATION Italy On Monday 9th September NOMINATION Italy will unveil their new look. A look which has been kept completely under wraps. Why you ask? NOMINATION wanted to surprise everyone with the stylish makeover. Go big or go home, as they say. And NOMINATION wanted to go big. The changes First of all, you may notice the colour change from the iconic pink to chic, stylish and modern monochrome palette. The reason is that NOMINATION want to make people aware that the composable collection is the... Read More

Wedding Jewellery Grace & Co 03/09/2019

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Jewellery

  How To Find The Perfect Wedding Jewellery Many of our customers who are shopping for wedding jewellery and accessories have no idea where to start. There is just so much choice. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Traditional Pearls Pearls are perfect, especially if you like a more traditional classic look. We stock a variety of earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces which use pearls. Find your favourite here. Glitz and Glam Many brides dream of being a princess of their wedding day. If you’re after something with... Read More

Katie Loxton Cards 20/08/2019

Our Guide to Choosing Anniversary Jewellery

Choosing anniversary jewellery for that special occasion can be quite daunting, but we’re here to help. Marriage is a huge milestone in your life, (some may even see it as an achievement). Being married has its rewards, I mean, who but a spouse would wash the dishes, do the laundry and make dinner? For all the chores, shared memories, but most importantly just to say “I love you”, treat them to the perfect anniversary gift.   1st Anniversary – Paper   After your first year of marriage, you may find... Read More

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How To Clean Your NOMINATION Bracelet and Charms

How To Clean Your NOMINATION Bracelet and Charms How to clean your NOMINATION Bracelet and Charms. Without a doubt, we all love our jewellery when it sparkles and looks amazing for longer, right? That’s why NOMINATION Italy has provided a special cleaning cloth for your composable bracelet and charms. Inside the nooks and crannies, dirt builds up over time which then creates bacteria, so making sure your bracelet is clean is very important to you and your wellbeing. Here are 4 useful tips on, how to clean your NOMINATION bracelet... Read More

Composable Charms Bracelet Tool Key 30/07/2019

How To Put Together NOMINATION Bracelet Charms

“How do I put my charms on my NOMINATION bracelet?” is a regular phrase we hear from those new to the range. The key is, “practice makes perfect”. (And in this case, it really does). However, the other key is the handy NOMINATION Charm Tool Key. This will become your new-found lifesaver when it comes to adding links to your bracelet, and we want to show you some easy steps to help you assemble your bracelet correctly, without breaking any nails. How to put together NOMINATION bracelet charms on with a charm... Read More

What's Your Birthstone? 22/07/2019

What is your birthstone and what power does it have?

In a national newspaper recently there was an article about birthstones and how much celebrities believe in their power. The Duchess of Sussex has had a new ring made which has the birthstone for herself, her husband and her son (peridot, sapphire and emerald). This got us thinking; How many people know what their birthstone is and what it means? Hopefully, our quick guide will help. Click here to see our birthstone range. January is garnet (usually red). It can help with detoxing, tiredness and finding emotional balance. Feburary is... Read More

The Love Island Winners 2019 13/06/2019

Amber & Greg, the King & Queen of Love Island. Get the Love Island look.

Do you want to get the Love Island look? Love it or hate it, Love Island is on most people’s lips at the moment. Last year, we saw Dani and Jack emerge as the winners, but this year, over 3 million people tuned in to watch the series to see Amber & Greg crowned the King & Queen. We spotted some familiar designs being worn at the villa. The iconic Coin pendant for one which is very similar to this one in ANIA HAIE collection, and the so trending Dog Tag necklace for the... Read More

How Well Do You Know Your Birth Flower? 05/06/2019

How Well Do You Know Your Birth Flower?

We stock the wonderful SHRIEKING VIOLET in our Corby, Grantham and Market Harborough stores. It is sterling silver jewellery set with real flowers. Did you know that you have a birth flower? We all know our birthstone, whether it is garnet, amethyst, etc, but what is your birth flower and what does it mean? Read on…   ❁ January is the sweetly fragrant carnation. It symbolises love, fascination, and distinction. ❁ February is the violet, which symbolises faithfulness, wisdom, and hope. ❁ March is the cheerful daffodil, which symbolises rebirth... Read More


How to choose the right Wedding ring for you

♥  How to choose the right wedding ring for you  ♥ You spend hours, days looking for the perfect wedding dress, but you only wear it for one day. You will wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life (hopefully. We believe in Happy Ever After), so you need to understand what styles there are and which one is right for you. 1. First, choose your metal. Most people match their wedding ring metal to their engagement ring so that the two rings age at the same rate... Read More

Top Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Jewellery To Make It Last

How to take care of your jewellery We had a very glum customer in recently who had worn her much loved bracelet every day, on her two-week honeymoon (The Bahamas. She had a lovely time). She had worn it in the hot tub. The harsh hot tub chemicals and hot jets had completely discoloured it and damaged the enamel. She had worn it in the hotel swimming pool. Chlorine is a corrosive chemical which is not good for gold or silver. She had worn it at the beach. Sand is... Read More