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How To Spot A Fake PANDORA 16/07/2018

How To Spot A Fake PANDORA

When you find a website that offers 50% off on a PANDORA charm or an online site that has hard to find PANDORA items in stock, it can be quite tempting. But as the old saying goes, “if something seems too good to be true, it probably is”. So stop, because it’s probably a fake. At Grace & Co we have lost count of the number of customers who have come into our stores with a PANDORA item that they have bought online which has turned out to be fake.... Read More


December’s birthstone is turquoise. A vibrant and mystical stone.

December’s birthstone is turquoise. It is a vibrant, bright blue stone which is probably the most mystical and spiritual of all the birthstones. Many people think turquoise will provide your soul with immortality. As a result many cultures including America and the Middle East use turquoise in jewellery and ornaments. Turquoise is a swirling mix of blue and green. As it is a natural stone sometimes it is more blue and sometimes more of a jade colour. Real turquoise also has dark marks called inclusions which look like little veins... Read More


What is November’s birthstone? It is beautiful sunny citrine

Are you wondering what is November’s birthstone? Well, November’s birthstone is sunny citrine. Citrine, or citron, is French for “lemon” and citrine is usually a beautiful sunny, lemony yellow colour. Our ancestors thought citrine was a gift from the sun as it is such a warm-looking gemstone. People used to think citrine protected them so they carried it to fight off evil thoughts. In particular they thought it protected them against snake venom. Citrine was also known as the merchant’s stone because it was thought to bring success in business.... Read More


October’s birthstone is opal. What is it and what does it mean?

October’s birthstone is opal. Multicoloured, sparkly opal is your birthstone if you are born in October. Lucky you. Opal is a wonderful gem. It is even better because it represents faithfulness and confidence People used to wear it to protect them from nightmares and so it was incredibly popular as a talisman in times gone by. Opals are captivating, and shoot out rainbows of different colours, with the result that they suit most skin tones. October’s birthstone of opal gives you clear vision, both in terms of physical eyesight, and... Read More


Why it’s important to keep your jewellery clean

Covid-19 has definitely changed the way we live. We clean things more and are more aware of dirt and germs. With this in mind, we really should clean our jewellery more. It is more important than that we all keep our jewellery clean and hygienic. We all wash and sanitise our hands regularly. We wear face coverings in public and we wash our clothes more often, but what about our jewellery? We wear our jewellery every day. It travels to work with us, it exercises with us and it walks... Read More

Shrieking Violet Flower Jewellery 04/09/2020

Summer Love for Shrieking Violet Flower Jewellery

Flower jewellery by SHRIEKING VIOLET is handmade using genuine flowers and sterling silver. Their own wonderful gardens and greenhouses, where the head gardener tends to these tiny flowers, are filled with love and are carefully watered until they reach the perfect size. They are then attentively picked, preserved in a resin and crafted into beautiful unique pieces.

Born in Madrid, UNOde50 create unique and contemporary jewellery with a commitment to quality and exclusivity. Each piece is hypoallergenic and sure to make you stand out in a crowd. 30/06/2020

This the story of UNOde50

Born in Madrid, UNOde50 create unique and contemporary jewellery with a commitment to quality and exclusivity. Each piece is hypoallergenic and sure to make you stand out in a crowd.

Show Them How Much You Care 11/02/2020

The Perfect Gifts for Valentine’s Day

‘ Forget flowers, chocolates, and soft teddies. ‘ Get them the perfect gift they’ve been hinting for. We’ve put together a few TOP presents for him and her this Valentine’s Day along with featured special in-store and online offers. Hot Diamonds Internationally known for their stunning craftsmanship when it comes to fine jewellery. Hot Diamonds started their journey back in 2001, and since then the brand has blossomed by introducing additional collections such as ANAIS and EMOZIONI. Hot Diamonds never fails to have the WOW factor. Each piece contains sterling... Read More

SWAROVSKI 17/12/2019

In Need Of Gift Inspiration This Christmas?

This year we wanted to give our customers an easier shopping experience when it comes to choosing the perfect gifts. So we’ve carefully handpicked 12 of our TOP jewellery brands to help you. 12. UNIQUE & CO NIQUE & CO use hard-wearing materials such as leather, stainless steel, Tungsten, and titanium. Their mission? To enable men of all ages to wear modern versatile jewellery with confidence. 11. Olivia Burton Inspired by floral designs and the wonders of nature, OLIVIA BURTON watches have a quirky edge whilst being delicate. There are... Read More