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Very responsible and oriented to customers.
ORDER 2316. Mrs Gray. OK, well let me start by saying that "0" stars would have been more appropriate. I went onto Grace & Co Jewellery website 20 May 2016 to purchase 2 items of Daisy London, a 12mm necklace and matching earrings. Both items were reduced in price, total order value £49. I had received a gift card upon leaving my place of work and wanted to purchase something to keep, the items seemed perfect and I had £50 on the mastercard giftcard to spend. I added the items to my basket, paid and received a confirmation invoice by email at 10:30am 20.5.2016. However, then at 5:15pm on 20.5.2016 I received another email this time from Joseph McLean explaining my order had been cancelled and card refunded (if you can even do that to a gift card?). the reason given was that there had been "a rare website error" and that the "items were not actually in stock and could not be sourced". These items are current and not obsolete, they can be viewed on Daisy London's own website, so saying they cannot be sourced is untrue. I believe that Grace & Co did not want to sell the items to me at sale cost and simply cancelled the order, telling me there had been an error. I have sent Grace & Co an email asking for my consumer rights to be upheld, that I bought the items in good faith and that my sale contract should be honoured and the items sent to me - I am currently awaiting a reply from Grace & Co. I did NOT want a refund to my gift card (if that is possible?) I wanted the items I ordered and paid for in good faith. Please sort this out grace & Co.
Very quick delivery :) good service