How Do You Spot A Fake Nomination Bracelet and Charms?

People love to buy NOMINATION bracelets and charms for themselves and as gifts. So how do you spot a fake Nomination bracelet and how can you tell if your bracelet is real?

If you buy a fake Nomination bracelet or charm it will not have a warranty. This means that in the event of something going wrong with the item, then you cannot return it.

Genuine Nomination will always come with its own packaging

How can you tell a fake Nomination Bracelet or Charm?

All genuine blank Nomination charms will have the word NOMINATION on the front and all charms have ‘STAINLESS STEEL ® NOMINATION’ on the back.

Therefore, if your item does not have this, it may be fake.

Is my Nomination bracelet genuine or is it a fake that’s too good to be true?

Sadly if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Consequentially, if someone is selling ‘genuine’ or ‘authentic’ Nomination at a bargain price, it probably isn’t genuine.

On the positive side you may save some money. On the negative side, you will be giving a gift that may not be fit for purpose.

Is it a respectable seller or is it a fake?

One of the first things to remember is: is the item from an authorised stockist?

For example, do they have clear contact details and a customer policy if you are buying online. Or is it a dodgy website based abroad with no details?

If you buy from a market stall then it probably isn’t genuine.

Can I contact someone to check if my item is a fake or if it’s genuine?

If it is online, is there a contact number, email and address? Also, do they have a returns policy?

If it is a fake Nomination, the chances are they won’t.

Be wary of auction sites or social media selling groups. It is very easy to be fooled by these.

It is quite difficult to get your money back.

Is the item of good quality?

One easy way to spot a fake Nomination bracelet or tell if your bracelet is real is by the quality.

Nomination charms are hand finished with sterling silver, rose gold, and or a yellow gold plate.

Each Nomination item is quality-checked before it is passed on for sale. For this reason, if your item is a little bit rough around the edges, or if the detail is blurry, then it is probably a fake.

You can see that the detail is blurred in this charm, and it is not a recognised Nomination design.

If you’re not sure if the item is fake or genuine, ask someone who knows

If you have doubts about the authenticity, please ask us. You can take or send a photo to a Nomination stockist who can check for you.

The detail here is blurred and the enamelling quality is poor. This is not an official Nomination design.

If you have any doubts, buy from an official UK stockist, like us!

All authorised stockists of Nomination bracelets charms and jewellery will be listed here on the official website.

How Do You Spot A Fake Nomination Bracelet and Charms?
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How Do You Spot A Fake Nomination Bracelet and Charms?
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