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PANDORA UK Charms, Bracelets & Jewellery

PANDORA Charms, Bracelets & Jewellery

We have been PANDORA UK stockists for well over a decade so you can be assured that purchasing from us means you are getting the authentic and genuine article. 

Shop for PANDORA bracelet charms, rings, necklaces, and earrings in our Ashby de la ZouchHinckley, and Grantham stores, here online, and in new store situated in Witney.

Grace & Co and PANDORA have helped each other grow over the years and we are currently able to allow a select few items available for online sale here in the UK. 

 Each item is supplied with official branded packaging supplied to us by PANDORA themselves.

PANDORA New Arrivals

Take a look at the latest releases that we have of the stunning new jewellery pieces from PANDORA. Browse some of the newly unleashed bracelet charms, necklaces, jewellery gifts and more.

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Decorate your charm bracelets with these wonderful PANDORA charms which have been finished by hand and match up your chosen charms with their stacking rings and pendant necklaces.

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PANDORA Bracelets

This collection of PANDORA bracelets has been hand-finished using a creative array of wonderful, durable materials. Perfect as jewellery gifts for close friends and family which pair brilliantly with matching stacking rings or a stylish bangle.

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PANDORA Rings are crafted from luscious materials and make a perfect sentimental jewellery present for a loved one. Pair stacking rings with others and an elegant pendant necklace or charm bracelet.

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PANDORA Necklaces

PANDORA Necklaces make excellent carriers for your personal pendants, and treasured charms. Choose their on-trend chokers or pick out your ultimate statement necklace.

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PANDORA Earrings

PANDORA Earrings are fabulously designed pieces which are beautifully hand-finished and will help you keep your sparkle throughout the year.  Match them up with a delicate bangle or a pendant necklace to complete your look.

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PANDORA Safety Chains

Keep your PANDORA charm bracelet extra safe and secure with a beautiful safety chain that looks more elegant than functional. Complement one of these with hand-finished silver or plated gold PANDORA charms.

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Simple and elegant in appearance and sophisticated. Take a look at the range of PANDORA UK jewellery that includes all that we have to offer which are accompanied with official branded packaging.

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What Is PANDORA Jewellery?

PANDORA first began designing their beloved charms in the year 2000.  Each charm has a specific meaning, sometimes many meanings, all from their creative designers and more being added by the person who will wear and love it.

In our selected stores, we sell these on-trend classic and contemporary jewellery, rings, earrings, bracelets, and charms.  Each and every charm is designed to tell the personal story of its wearer while showcasing their unique style.  PANDORA charms are worn with love on bracelets, necklaces, and now, also earrings.  They create these in a way that is unique to the person who wears them.

Grace & Co are proud to have been an authorised retailer of PANDORA charms and jewellery here in the UK for over a decade.