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PANDORA UK Charms, Bracelets & Jewellery

Especially in the UK PANDORA Charms and their bracelets are seeing a resurgence in popularity due to their unique designs and quality craftsmanship.

You can view our range of PANDORA jewellery which includes charms, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings in our Ashby de la ZouchHinckleyGrantham, and Witney jewellery shops, as well as here at our online store.
Grace & Co and PANDORA have helped each other grow over the years and we are currently able to allow a select few items available for sale online here in the UK. 
Each item is supplied with official branded packaging supplied to us by PANDORA themselves. We've been an authorised retailer of PANDORA products for over a decade, so you know you're getting the real deal with us.

PANDORA New Arrivals

You can find our New PANDORA Arrivals recently landed in selected Grace & Co stores and here online. New PANDORA charms, rings, the latest bracelets, and freshly released items you may have seen on screens.

Take a look at the latest releases that we have of the stunning new jewellery pieces from PANDORA. Browse some of the newly unleashed bracelet charms, necklaces, jewellery gifts and more.

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Featuring everything from classic gold and sterling silver charms to Disney and letter PANDORA charms, you're sure to find your new favourite bracelet or pendant charm here or that perfect gift for someone special.

If you would like to complete your charm bracelets with these beautiful PANDORA charms that are made by hand, match them up with matching stacking rings and pendant necklaces as well.

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PANDORA Bracelets

Not all PANDORA bracelets are charms bracelets. Here's a collection of PANDORA bracelets that have been hand-finished using a creative array of wonderful, durable materials. Perfect as jewellery gifts for friends or family.

It's still possible to showcase your individuality and style with these iconic charm bracelets. In gold and sterling silver and in a range of styles, complete your look with matching stacking rings or a versatile bangle.

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Choose from colourful PANDORA Rings which symbolize your birth, stackable rings to highlight your favourites or if you are looking for rings with extra sparkle? Look no further.

The lustrous materials used in PANDORA rings make them a perfect sentimental jewellery gift. Complete your look by pairing it with other stacking rings, pendant necklaces, or iconic charm bracelets.

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PANDORA Necklaces

PANDORA Necklaces are a perfect way to carry the pendants of your choice. We have trendy chokers, ultimate statement necklaces, and special charm carrier pendants available to choose from.

It is no secret that this Danish jewellery powerhouse is known for its commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and beauty. PANDORA necklaces and pendants are for a final touch. You could also round out the look with a bangle or classic stud earrings.

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PANDORA Earrings

Our beautiful range of PANDORA Earrings guarantees you will discover the perfect pair, whether it is rose gold, silver or gold, that will perfectly fit your style and individuality. Choose from beautiful hoops to classic signature studs.

These earrings are stunning hand-finished designs to keep you sparkling all year long. To complete the look, pair these PANDORA earrings with delicate bangles, stacking rings, or a pendant necklace.

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PANDORA Safety Chains

How does a PANDORA Safety Chain work? This keeps your charms protected and in pristine shape as they remain attached to your bracelet. They will add subtle movement to your bracelet and are worthy of the investment. 

The beautiful PANDORA safety chain that looks more elegant than functional will keep your charm bracelet extra safe and secure. These safety chains are the perfect companion to any silver or gold-plated charm.

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All PANDORA Jewellery

PANDORA jewellery is now synonymous with both the highest levels of design and craftsmanship. Each piece of jewellery is both simple and elegant, yet sophisticated in its approach.

We supply a large range of PANDORA UK jewellery available and each purchase includes official branded packaging, so you can be certain that they are the authentic article.

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What is PANDORA Jewellery?

Grace & Co are proud to have been an authorised retailer of PANDORA charms and jewellery here in the UK for over a decade. But they first began designing their beloved charms in the year 2000. Each and every silver charm has a specific meaning, sometimes many meanings, all from their creative designers and more being added by the person who will wear and love it.

In our selected UK stores, we sell these on-trend classic and contemporary jewellery, rings, earrings, bracelets, and charms. Each and every charm is designed to tell the personal story of its wearer while showcasing its unique style. PANDORA charms are worn with love on bracelets, necklaces, and now, also earrings. They create these in a way that is unique to the person who wears them.

As one of the world's largest jewellery brands, PANDORA, a Danish company, designs, manufactures and sells hand-finished jewellery made from sterling silver with high-quality materials at an affordable price. In addition to more than 2,600 concept stores, PANDORA jewellery is sold in over 100 countries. And also, in 4 Grace & Co stores.

With headquarters in Copenhagen, this Danish company employs more than 26,000 people worldwide and manufactures its jewellery primarily from recycled silver and gold at two LEED-certified facilities located in Thailand.

The company is devoted to leadership in sustainability, and its goals have been based on science to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in its own operations by 2030.

In 2020, the company generated sales of DKK 19.0 billion (EUR 2.5 billion) on the Nasdaq Copenhagen stock exchange. And that's quite a lot of charms!

When searching for PANDORA UK residents can rest assured that they will receive a genuine article from us. But you don't have to shop with us online. You can visit us in our Grace & Co stores, and you can find your nearest PANDORA jewellery shop right here. Take a look.

PANDORA Sale - Up to 50% Off selected items. It begins on 9th June and ends on 26th June. Subject to availability.