Nomination Bracelet Charms & Jewellery

NOMINATION Charms for Bracelets are wonderful and can express whatever you want them to.

There are three different charm types: Classic, BIG, and SteeliKONS.

Why not stack your composable bracelet with a piece of NOMINATION jewellery for a standout style.

Find Gold NOMINATION Bracelet Charms Here


We have an array of 18 carat yellow gold links in various themes such as Letters, Numbers, Animals, and more.

Here we have plain gold, coloured enamel, decorative charms those with precious gemstones, but all will be treasured charms.

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Find Rose Gold NOMINATION Bracelet Charms Here

Rose Gold NOMINATION Charms

Take a look at our 9 carat rose gold NOMINATION links. We have them with sparkling stones, faceted cubic zirconia, and engravables too.

The rose gold charms are becoming our most popular. Choose whether to be personal, sentimental, or more decorative with yours.

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Find Silver NOMINATION Bracelet Charms Here

Silver NOMINATION Charms

Known as the SilverShine Collection, these stainless steel charms come with a fantastically crafted 925 sterling silver plating.

These silver links are a beautiful assortment of Double Plate charms, Dangly charms, and there are also those with an oxidised detail.

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Find NOMINATION Starter Base Bracelets Here

NOMINATION Starter Base Bracelets

Start your NOMINATION Composable journey right here with the Starter Base Bracelet.

Choose your style of bracelet from Classic, BIG or SteeliKONS along with your colour of choice. Then select the number of links you need to get the perfect fit.

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Find BIG NOMINATION Composable Charms


We have the Classic size and here we have the BIG NOMINATION bracelet charms.

These BIG charms are for those who have a BIG personality and wish to display a bigger story. Charm bracelets for the bold!

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Find NOMINATION SteeliKONS Composable Charms


The SteeliKONS Collection are the more robust NOMINATION charm with decorative patterns and design.

Made to fit SteeliKONS bracelets, these charms are a contemporary and metropolitan style, and the perfect charm bracelet for men.

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Thanks to the founder of NOMINATION, Paolo Gensini and his ingenious intuition, the Composable Collection was created: a stainless steel modular bracelet with which you can personalise.

Individual stainless steel links adorned with gold, rose gold, or sterling silver letters are attached together using an ingenious spring mechanism. You can combine these Letter charms to create a bracelet spelling out your own name.

Composable represents the future and triggers an innovation within the goldsmith industry. For the first time, stainless steel jewellery is recognised as important and fashionable at an affordable price.