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Nomination charms and charm bracelets are a fun and wonderful way to showcase your story by using steel links plated with gold, rose gold, or sterling silver.  Choose your style of Base Bracelet then decide what story you want to tell.  Family? Friends? Travel? Music?  Or just Pendant Charms that dangle?  Choose from the selection of themes to find the Nomination bracelet charm that's perfect for you so you can tell the world, link by link who you are.  Grace & Co have stores across the Midlands including the stand-alone Nomination store in Milton Keynes, and we have one of the biggest collections of Nomination charms in the Leicester area. #oneformeoneforyou

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The story of how our company, which then started out in the late 1980s, began within Florence, Italy, the centre of fashion and high-quality craftsmanship. Nomination's founder, Paolo Gensini, grew up in a farming community and has strong ties to the land and its traditions, which he still carries with him today. His extensive experience as a goldsmith and metalworker, together with a keen intuition, led him to an idea that would revolutionise his life. It would also change the jewellery industry across the world. 

"I wanted to create a precious bracelet for everyone." 

This man wanted to create innovative and modular jewellery for all genders, socio-economic classes, and ages and to offer a personal and sentimental product. The path to success was short and became paved once this point was reached.

Thanks to his exceptional intuition, 'Composable' was born: the modular bracelet you can compose by yourself and make it your own. Singular steel links which are decorated with real gold letters attached together using a special hook and spring mechanism.

You can combine these gold letter links to create a bracelet spelling out your own name. Composable is the future of the goldsmith industry and is implying an innovation. Stainless steel jewellery became recognised as an important and fashionable fashion item as it is now available at an affordable price for the first time.

It wasn't long before new creations were added to the selection of gold letter charms, and Composable became known as a unique good luck charm. Gold, silver, enamel, and gems make stainless steel a perfect metal for all occasions. Nomination created a new way of expressing one's own personality through the letters and symbols telling your own story. This new language quickly became popular.

Nomination® has become a global leader for gold and steel jewellery creations. Their message is expressed through regularly released new lines which reflect their foundation and embody Italian design, artisanal craftsmanship, and innovative thought.

Each and every charm is trademarked Nomination® to guarantee its authenticity.