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Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions

Hello. Thank you for finding us.

We have to let you about a couple of things about our website and so you know what to expect when you purchase from us. It’s not an exhaustive list and it won’t take long. Plus, it could save you some time in the future.

By carrying on to have a look through our website you’re agreeing to our terms and conditions which have listed below with some pieces taking you to other pages.

We want you to ensure that you are completely satisfied when shopping with us. If you’re unsure about something, or there is something you don’t understand, email us or give us a call so we can put you right.

Grace & Co (Retail) Limited is the group name of all Grace & Co jewellery shops as well as Bonds Jewellers in Northampton, and Nomination Milton Keynes.

External Website Links

In some places, there are links that will take you to other websites. These are mainly for information purposes but please understand that we have no control over someone else’s website. If you feel something is wrong or is not right, let us know. We don’t necessarily endorse their views or their overall content. We’re simply trying to provide you with further information.

Everyone who works with our website strives continuously to keep it going 24/7, yet as we’re sure you well know, things happen. You can rest assured that if there is an issue with our website, we’re on the case as soon as possible to get it sorted for you without any unwanted hassle.

Trademarks & Copyrighted Material

Our website is one of the best, and everyone involved with it wants to keep it that way. It contains digital assets which we either own or have express permission to use. Any logos or trademarks on this website, we’re authorised to use. Any outside use or reproduction of anything displayed on this website may result in legal proceedings.

Our Prices, Sales and Offers

All prices are in GBP or pounds sterling and include 20% VAT. Any delivery costs, engraved items and where applicable any packaging costs will be applied to your basket where they apply. These extra charges are shown in your shopping bag and at the checkout before we take any payment. Any prices displayed in any publications are correct at the time of its publication. Sometimes, prices change and we reserve the right to amend these without prior notice.

The prices of the items on our website may change and promotional offers or sale products might finish or end without any warning. If
there is a price change or if we withdraw an offer after you have placed an order with us, we’ll do our best to let you know about it in case you want something on your order to change.

We also do our best to make sure that we do not double up on offers so if you receive a discount code or we have a sale on a particular line or brand, we only apply one discount at a time.

Any promotional offers, codes, or discounts are only applied to any products at any one time.

Plus, if you see a promotional code or discount on a 3rd party website, it does not mean that we will honour their advertisement of this.

Discount codes supplied by us for our '10% off your first order when you subscribe to our newsletter' are sent and offered as a one-time only, cannot be replicated or duplicated, and are for the first order only, and only to be used before you place your first order, and not after it.

Codes are sent out usually within 24hours. 

Subscriber discount codes are not permitted to be used for PANDORA, NOMINATION, or CLOGAU.

Promotional discount codes in relation to brand or product promotions can be used multiple times on multiple orders.

Making a Payment

Of course, we accept most credit and debit cards, but we also use PayPal.

When you instruct your bank to make a payment to us we promise to take good care to keep your payment details and orders safe and secure (which is why we have the green padlock next to our website address). All items are still our property until the transaction has been completed. It is our right to cancel any order at our own discretion as much as it is yours.

As much as we try our best there are sometimes errors in the pricing displayed. We’ll confirm the correct price of the order when we process it. If by chance we do find an error and the correct pricing should be higher, we are entitled to let you know before we dispatch your order. This allows us to check to see if you would like to continue with it at the correct price or if you would like to cancel.


We do try exceedingly hard to meet and beat customer expectations. We have a great track record with this and we are known for being efficient. This is also thanks to our national postal service but 
we are governed by the rules and regulations of Royal Mail themselves.

We must stress that during busy seasons and unprecedented times, or even a combination of both, deliveries are possible to take longer than expected. This is something that we can't do a great deal about.

In the event of an order not arriving on time, we can only ask for some patience as we are with the belief that it will eventually arrive.

If your order does not arrive within our timeframe plus 10 working days thereafter then we are in a position to have your order reimbursed.

For more information on Deliveries, click here and a new window will open so you do not lose this page: 

Canceling Your Order

If you feel the need to cancel your order, please reply to your Order Confirmation so that we have a record of the necessary details of the order that you no longer wish to proceed with. We’ll do our best to have everything rectified before the order is processed.

You can also email us via the Contact Form page here. This will open a new window so you do not lose this page.

Refunding Your Order

If we have a situation where the order is to be refunded, we will instruct the merchants to go through the refund process.

When you make a payment and put in your details, you are instructing the bank merchants to send us money. This does not happen immediately and we do not receive anything straight away. The refund process works the same but in reverse, so returning the money that you have sent us back can take up 72 hours depending on banks and working days of the week.

If you use PayPal and have a PayPal balance, this is pretty instant both ways.


Sales & Promotional Offers

Any promotional codes, applied discounts or any special offers that are displayed on our website will usually exclude certain brands. We are governed by their rules and regulations. We only tend to discount items once and promotions are not doubled up.

Any promotion relating to Free Delivery will be dispatched using our Standard Delivery tier.

If you have received a free item because of a promotional offer, these are non-returnable and non-refundable. If the items purchased in order to qualify for a free product from us are sent back for a refund then the free item that was sent out must also come back to us. Discount or promo codes, as well as special offers, can’t be used with another unless specifically stated. All sale items, offer and ongoing promotions are subject to availability. We reserve the right to stop or end any sales or promotion without warning whether it is deemed as unlawful, illegal, or not.

No promotion has a cash value. You can’t try and redeem any of them for cash, credit, or online gift vouchers.

We try to come up with as many offers and promotions for you as we can, but please remember that any promotion is only valid on this website and must be for a qualifying order. 

Many websites display deals and offers but be aware that these are not always true. Only an offer or promotion that has come from us is applicable to our products, so in short, if it says it on our website or in our correspondence, it is true. Any other 3rd party, take it with a pinch of salt.


Competitions & Prizes

The below lists the Terms & Conditions to any competitions and prize draws that we do on our website or on social media unless we have stated otherwise. 

1.  All competitions and prize draws are not open to anyone who works for Grace & Co (Retail) Limited or their immediate families, any of our company agents or anyone in any way associated with them.

2.  All competitions and prize draws are only open to residents of the UK.

3.  There can only be the one entry from any person.

4.  All prizes are subject to availability.

5.  Grace & Co (Retail) Limited reserves the right to replace any competition or prize draw items with those of a value that is the same or higher.

6.  All competition and prize draw prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash, credit, or gift vouchers for our stores.

7.  All competition and prize draw entry forms when handed in are the property of Grace & Co (Retail) Limited and shall not be returned.

8.  We do not accept responsibility for entry form that is damaged or lost.

9.  Competition winner(s) are picked by an independent judge and that decision is final.

10. Prize draw winner(s) are drawn randomly from the valid entries that we receive by the closing date that we stipulate by an independent judge and that decision is final.

11.  If you wish to request knowledge of the winner(s), send a stamped self-addressed envelope to Marketing, Grace & Co, 17 Market Street, Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, LE65 1AF, UK. Please request after the date for us selecting the winner(s).

12.  All competition and prize draw winner(s) agree to have their name(s) published as a winner(s) and to take part in any online or in-store publicity that we may or may not arrange.

13.  All competitions and prize draws are governed by the laws of England and Wales and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

14.  Whereby entering any competition or prize draw each entrant agrees to be bound by these Terms & Conditions.

15.  Whereby entering any of our competitions or prize draws you are agreeing to allow us to contact you by email in relation to it.

16.  Whereby entering any one of our competitions, you agree to allow us to use your first name, hometown, product information and any of your submitted images and text for promotional purposes either on our website or social media.

17.  All entrants are to be 18 or older.

Social Media

You can join us to follow, like, or join any of our social media channels. But Please be aware that we reserve the right to use any of the information or any of the images posted to our social media pages. We don’t necessarily endorse the views or their overall content with any website links used on our social media pages. We’re simply trying to provide you with further information.

Our Cookie Policy

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Our Privacy Policy

To view our Privacy Policy, click here: This will open up a new window so you do not lose this page.


The laws of England and Wales govern these Terms & Conditions. By accessing this website for any reason, whether to purchase available products or not, you consent to above and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in all disputes arising out of such access. Grace & Co (Retail) Limited reserves the right to change any of the information listed above wherever it is deemed fit and your continued use of this website will signify your acceptance of any adjustment to these terms.